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Users about CubePlayer

     CubePlayer hat mir auf Anhieb sehr gut gefallen und ist nun mein Lieblings-OLAP-Frontend: Nachdem ich das Konzept der Designer, Abfragen, Dashboards und registrierten Objekte verstanden habe, fällt auch die Bedienung leicht und eröffnet sehr flexible Abfrage- und Berichtsmöglichkeiten. Auch wer sich mit MDX nicht so gut auskennt, profitiert von den vielen unterstützten Features. Besonders lobenswert sind der hervorragende Support und die Offenheit für Erweiterungs- und Verbesserungsvorschläge.

Germo Görtz
AISBERG - Analytische Informationssysteme und Beratung im Gesundheitswesen


   CubePlayer also supports all the more advanced types of filtering and topcounts that you'd expect from a tool like this; in fact, it seems to do pretty much anything you can do in MDX. 
   This does give you an immense amount of power and flexibility, but sometimes at the expense of ease-of-use. Take the old nested topcount problem, solved in MDX using the Generate function: any advanced client tool will have to handle this scenario and CubePlayer certainly does in its Generate functionality ...

Chris Webb
IT Consultant 
Crossjoin Consulting Ltd, UK

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    The CubePlayer MDX Editor is the best way to first learn and then become a real expert in multidimensional expressions.
...finally there is a BI tool for MS AS that keeps the context of original MDX query not changing it behind the scene.
... by the way, seeing the generated MDX from the drag-and-drop designer is really educational.

Edgar Sanches
Microsoft Regional Director for Ecuador 
Logic Studio, Ecuador


   If you are a BI professional working with SQL Analysis Services you should be using Softpro Tetral’s CubePlayer. CubePlayer is a powerful application for querying AS cubes and generating reports and dashboards. CubePlayer has one of the most intuitive user interfaces supporting most AS artifacts, while providing the most sophisticated functions for analyzing and graphically representing complex information. 
   Just try CubePlayer’s “Show Me” function for answering complex queries such as “who is buying one product but not buying another”; and then try CubePlayer’s “How Many”, and “ABC Analysis” functions. I haven’t found another product that does all the things that CubePlayer does. And what’s more, CubePlayer is a tremendous value; it is available at a price that any user or organization can afford. Try it , you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Ira Fuchs
Solution Specialist 
Microsoft Financial Services Group

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