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Update history (version 2.5/2.6)

Version 25.26.2010.1205-7


Description of latest changes is in MS Word file.            

Download MS Word file "What is New" here


Version 25.26.2010.1005


Description of latest changes is in MS Word file.            

Download MS Word file "What is New" here


Version 25.26.2010.0515 up to 25.26.2010.0801


Description of latest changes is in MS Word file.            

Download MS Word file "What is New" here

BUG FIXMDX Designer - Add member properties to columns.
Syntax for DIMENSION PROPERTIES was added to row axis.
                  instead of column axis. Bug fixed

Version 25.26.2010.0420


            Static Report - defining row and column colors, formating available
                                     - Range analysis available for Static Report
                                     - Distribution analysis available for Static Report
                                     - ABC+ table analysis available for Static Report

            One Click Sort on measures - Disabled
                                                               - Right click menu Sort added to measures

            DrillThrough      - Column filtering is available in column headers
                                         - Click on a right end of the cell
                                         - Export to Excel
                                         - Save MDX
                                         - Save as dynamic document and run from control panel
                                         - Press F3 and edit DrillThrough statement

            Result Table - Column filtering available on static report

      - Column filtering is available in column headers
      - Click on a right end of the cell
      - If cell is merged with another cell(s) then filter will be applied
        to first column in range from left

      - Partial and Simple view
         Filtering is available only for data columns only, and it is not 
         in row header columns (columns that conatins headers for 
         each row).

Documentation folder - allowed to place documentation folder anywhere

Connections explorer - move up and move down option added

MDX Editor
Crete           - Ctrl + S create set from selected mdx
                     - Ctrl + N create Named Set
                     - Ctrl + M create member or measure

Intellisense - for functions that require two sets if user selecs with mouset:
                         a) from bottom to the top, selection will be used
                              as SECOND SET
                         b) from top to the bottom, selection will be used
                              as FIRST SET

MDX Designer

Create local cube - enhanced procedure, error handling

Export to Master Catalog - enabled multiple member export for
                                                  local calculated members



BUG FIX - Notes can not be saved

      - repaired

BUG FIX - Parameter replacement dialog might cause exceptions

      - repaired         

Version 25.26.2010.0402


   Result Table - Column filtering available

      NOTE: To allow filters to work properly, go to

                    Tools | Configuration | Designer

                    Check box for: Do not use server formated value in normal view

      - Column filtering is available in column headers
      - Click on a right end of the cell
      - If cell is merged with another cell(s) then filter will be applied
        to first column in range from left

      - Partial and Simple view
         Filtering is available on for data columns only, and it is not 
         in row header columns (columns that conatins headers for 
         each row).

      - Full view
        Filtering is available for data columns and row header columns 


Version 25.2010.0115


           Result Table - Table Extended Settings

      - New optional criteria to colorize rows or columns.
      From now, user can define to colorize rows or columns according
      to levels. For selected level fore color and back color will be
      applied. For NON selected levels fore color and back color will
      remain unchanged.


BUG FIX - SSAS 2000 Designer Drill Down Level

      On SSAS 2000 in Designer when DrillDown was applied
      directly on table execution was performed in new window

BUG FIX - Full View Columns Header mouse double click

      -After mouse double click on columns header in full view
      there was no drill menu 


      After editing MDX command for CREATE local cube
      designer MDX was changed

Version 25.2009.1220


Designer - Parallel Time Element MDX Function

       - Parallel Time Element available on Dimension Funcitons (blue icon)

                Let us suppose you place some time range 2009 M5 : 2009 M7
                and you ask for parallel periods (for last year),
                usualy server will return it in order like this:
               2008 M5, 2008 M6, 2008 M 7, 2009 M5, 2009 M6, 2009 M 7
                If instead standard Time Function Parallel Periods available on 
                mouse right click, you 
select blue Function icon and 
                from menu Parallel Time Members it will sort it like this
               2008 M5, 2009 M5, 2008 M6, 2009 M6, 2008 M 7,2009 M 7

      - Support for creating local cube


ABC+ Analysis

      - From now, all members selected to be involved in ABC+
      will have hierarchy names and member caption


Filters Tab

     - When user opens Filters tab will find new notation for server
filters, user filters and server filters with default member different

                    from All Member
               Press F10 to get filters


Result Table - Table Extended Settings

      - Column Color, so you can colorize columns

    - Permissions where you can say what operations 
      (drilldown, drillup, isolate, organize ...) 
will be allowed for user

BUG FIX - Apply table style

      It did not colorize extra rows and extra columns 
      (for views different then Normal View -Sums for example) 


BUG FIX - ABC+ Analysis

      Fixed measure format in export to MS Excel

Version 25.2009.1101



      - Supports Drill, Isolate, Remove ... functions as native designer funcitons
         producing objects

      - Support for VisualTotals


      - Support for creating local cube


Proclarity files

      - Support to read and execute Proclarity briefing book


      - Support to execute one or more pages or entire briefing book


Control Panel

     - Support to add any file to the control panel including MS Word, MS Excel ...
        MS Word file will be opened with Word, MS Excel file with Excel ...


MDX Editor

      - To add function through MDX Intellisense user can select part of MDX and then
         press ENTER to get entire syntax. Syntax will be wrapped arrowned 
         selcted MDX portion.

               ENTER -    gives full syntax for function


                                 if selection (portion of MDX) made it will be insered

                                 as first parameter in funciton




               TAB      -   gives only keyword





After you made selection, while writing MDX and selecting TopCount funciton
this is what you will get.




      - Batch Job separator added - from now MDX Editor can hold and execute more
         one MDX Query. 


               CPGO - batch job separator (included in MDX Intellisense)

                              user can run one, two or more MDX at once (depends on
                              selection made by mouse)


                              even part of MDX can be executed (like [Measures].[Mark Up] 
                              for example) There is no need to select SELECT or 
                              FROM keyword



Version 25.2009.0801


Added new Table View: Subtotals

      -  Use "Show As" button to activate from drop down menu

      User can drill, remove, isolate, add dimension on subtotals

      It will not be activated in new tab like previous subtotals

      NOTE: Old Subtotals are still available on button "Subtotals"


Added new Table Settings

     - Use button Table Extended Settings on Table tab

      Define: Row headers width

                    Row colors according to selected member from hierarchy

                    Number format on the table:

                                 regular or short (2,00K instead of 2000,00)

                                for normal view select Formated Value or Valu+Format



      select portion of MDX and execute it with F5 (tab below) or F6 new tab


Version 25.2009.0701


Added CubePlayer configuration option to Designer Configuration:

      -  Use measure MiniGraph defaults always

Any MiniGraph saved configuration can be set as default MG

view for any measure.

Added Save and Load predefined MiniGraph configuration.


Version 25.2009.0601 - 25.2009.0616


Improved, speed.

Improved MiniGraphs. Added new features to configuration.


FIX forMemory leak on Dashbaords while working with SSAS 8.0


Version 25.2009.0501, 25.2009.0505

Version Upgrade


This update is also version upgrade to CubePlayer 2.5.

To see some of the features user need 2.5 license file.

Without 2.5 license file, update works as regular CubePlayer 2.0 update.



Added support for NONEMPTY function.

Can be added as set (axis), dimension or inner function in combination

with tuples (members and/or levels and/or measure)



Added support for Match Case



Enhanced configurator



Main difference between 2.0 and 2.5 are MiniGraphs.


Update history (version 2.0)

Version 2009.0112


Fast Preview Tab added




Fast preview will be visible inside editor area at the bottom after pressing F5.

Former F5 is moved to F6 - run in new window.

Fast preview does not generate objects inside workspace like F6 does.

User may run any MDX command created inside editor with F5.

Each F5 runs in a new thread, therefore you may run any number of

MDX instantaneously.

Each pressing of F5 will generate new preview tab.


Fast Preview Tabs right click menues:

Close - close tab

Edit - brings MDX from tab to editor area

New Window - runs MDX from fast preview tab in new window generating

                           object inside workspace

Zoom - displays results from fast previe tab in new form

              that can be spred over entire screen

Export in MS Excel - exports content of Fast Previe Tab in MS Excel

                                     (formats are not exported)

Info - isplays info about result table inside Fast Preview Tab


Editor Function Keys

F3 - edit

Bracket Counter

F4 - Bracket counter

Cheks brackets inside selected tekst

F5 - run fast preview

Runs editor's MDX in fast preview tabs at the bottom of editor
(does not generate new tab and object in workspace)

F6 - run in new tab

Runs MDX in new tab generating object in workspace

F7 - runs selected portion of MDX (one axis only)

displays results inside tooltip - maximum first 20 memebers

F8 - runs selected portion of MDX (one axis only)

displays results inside tooltip - maximum last 20 memebers

F9 - split editorr area

splits editor area in two sync editors

F10 - folding

enable or disable folding

F11 - comments

adds or removes comments over selected portion of MDX

F12 - structurize

creates structurized view of MDX


F2 - rename

On tabs MDX Deisgner, Query, Dashbaord, Static Report

F3 - edit

On tabs MDX Deisgner, Query, Dashbaord

F6 - run in new window

Runs current tab MDX in New Window

F7 - run in dashboard

Runs current tab (or current panel in dashboard) MDX in Dashboard


Close tab and delete object from workspace - on tabs  Query, Dashbaord, Static Report


Version 2008.1227


F2 - rename

On tabs MDX Deisgner, Query, Dashbaord, Static Report


F3 - edit

On tabs MDX Deisgner, Query, Dashbaord



Close tab and delete object from workspace - on tabs  Query, Dashbaord, Static Report


Fixed printing. (Problem appears from version 2008.1125)

Version 2008.1215




From now, CPMembers, Local calculated Sets and Local calculated Members  can be placed in Filter area. 

Workspace and Registered objects explorers

F3               Edit object

Enter          Run object


New function keys defined:


F2     Insert Format

F9     Split/Unsplit Window

F10    Folding/Unfolding

F11    Comment selected line

F12    Structurize MDX command


Inhenced MDX intellisense (back key recognition)

Version 2008.1125


One of the most needed features for those that are not professionals in “MDX world”:


    How to create query that will refer to YESTERDAY (or LAST WEEK, LAST MONTH,

 THIS YEAR …) whenever I run my query?


CubePlayer will try to help any user, professionals or not, with or without programming skill to achieve such a aim without any problem within a second.

Therefore CubePlayer offers you to create on one or twp clicks:


·          Today

·          Yesterday

·          This Week

·          Last Week

·          This Month

·          Last Month

·          This Quarter

·          Last Quarter

·          This Year

·          Last Year

·          Date Calculate (calculate any date based on Year, Month, Day calculation


Any calculation is always done according to TODAY on your computer.

Take any member to row or column area, right click and select desired function

from Time functions.

If you want to create Time Element (Date Part) LAST MONTH then take any member
from level where you have months.

If you want to create Time Element (Date Part) THIS QUARTER then take any member
from level where you have quarters.

Member you will bring inside row or column area will
serve only to 
represent level,
therefore It is not important exact date that member represents.


Main guidelines:


                           Any element that represents any Date Part (numbers or Date Part

                           written with characters such as Nov or November) replace

                           with appropriate international supstitutions:


                                           yy                            Years represented with two digits

                                           yyyy                         Years represented with four digits

                                           M                            Month

                                           MM                         Month with leading zero (… 07, 08, 09, 10 …)

                                           MMM                      Month abbreviation (… Oct, Nov …)

                                           MMMM                   Month full name (… October …)

                                           Q                            Quarter

                                           QQ                         Quarter with leading zero

                                           W                            Week

                                           WW                        Week with leading zero

                                           d                             day

                                           dd                           day with leading zero (… 08, 09, 10, 11 …)

                                           ddd                        day short name (… Fri, Thu …)

                                           dddd                      day full name (… Friday …)


Any other element that does not represents Date Part should be

placed inside DOUBLE QUOTES (for example FY for fiscalYear should be "FY")




01/01/2008                          dd”/”MM”/”yyyy                                      1st of January 2008

01/01/2008 - Thu                dd”/”MM”/”yyyy” _ “ddd                       1st of January 2008

01/01/2008 - Thusday        dd”/”MM”/”yyyy” _ “dddd                     1st of January 2008

1/1/08                                     d”/”M”/”yy                                              1st of January 2008

Q1 FY 2008                           “Q”Q” FY “yyyy                      1st quarter of Fiscal Year 2008

Week 03 CY 2007                “Week “WW” CY “yyyy                         third week of year 2007

Red color - fix slements that does not represent Date Parts


Version 2008.1021


Contribution function (rows only, measures have to be in columns)
- Two dimensions in rows
  Contribution function will calculate contribution of membrs from second
  dimension within the group that belongs to the member fromfirst dimension.
  For each memebr from first dimension subtotal member will be created.


Query Result Table, Add/Remove Member(s)
- when trying to reconstruct tree view on low level, treshold level (100) for
  member search have been activated; treshold level seted up to 900 members 


Version 2008.1012

Master catalog

Suport for Master Catalog selection while exporting objects


Hierarchize function
-added POST option for unnatural hierarhy order - first children then parents



Designer Redo/Undo
- restored Redo/Undo functionality


Version 2008.1004

Mastre catalog

Suport for Remove Master Catalog



"Accept" replaced with "OK"
Icons on buttons OK and Cancel replaced with small icon marks




Handled Exception during copy-paste operation of folders from
one Master Catalog to another master Catalog
- fixed


Version 2008.0917


Added support to configure
- Default table display style 
- Simple
           - Partial
           - Full (full cube structure in result table)

- Default tabel view
- Sum
           - Percentage
           - ...
- Tooltip configuration
- ON or OFF

Mastre catalog

Suport for more then one Master Catalog
- this feature will be improved

Version 2008.0912

Query Reulst Form, Designer, Editor

New functions available
- Order by Alphabet
- selected dimension/hierarchy will be ordered by
- Hierarchize
- Remove member(s) from same or different hierarchy

Query Reulst Form

Table view Sum
- instead of only Sum view now there are two more views:
                      - Sum Bottom - sums for columns only 
                                               (for rows is not displayed)
                      - Sum Right - sums for rows only 
                                               (for columns is not displayed)

Push to filter
- if more then one dimension/hierarchy present on Row or Column
  axis, Push to Filter will be availabel on right click over row or
  column headers

  It will remove selected dimension/hierarchy and place selected 
  member in to Filter axis

Reporting Server Explorer

Edit registered servers
- edit each registered server listed in RS explorer

Conenctions Explorer

Edit conenction
 edit each connection listed in connection explorer

Version 2008.0910

Query Reulst Form

New functionality - Push to filter
 if more then one dimension/hierarchy present on Row or Column
  axis, Push to Filter will be availabel on right click over row or
  column headers

  It will remove selected dimension/hierarchy and place selected 
  member in to Filter axis



- Move from Fiter to Rows or Columns fixed

Version 2008.0906


MDX Intellisense - Added support for "." while selecting Cube Elements
 while selecting dimensions/hierarchies/level after typing
  few letters if you press "." it will do same job as ENTER or TAB

Note: If you ress "." immediately after window appears without pressing any
 it will switch to Element Functions (.Members, .Children)

MDX Intellisense - Added support for MEMBERS
 after selecting level and pressing "." (dot) element functions
  intellisense window will appear 
select OPEN BRACKET to switch to
  MEMBERS intellisense window where you can press
  green button with white arrow to see members or select some
  criteria like:
                   - bigger then ...
                   - smaller then ...
                   - starts with ...
                   - ends with ...
                   - contains ...
                   - and more ...


- Added Automatic Bracket test for selected portion of MDX
- Added parameters selector for hidden parameters


- Dimension functions, now allowed to have more then one function
  per dimenson

  add any number of dimension functions to selected dimension
- Added support for new Dimension functions
            - Hierarchize
            - Order by alphabet
            - Remove member or members


- MoveUp,MoveDown in desifner Row/Column axis fixed

Version 2008.0813


Full support for MDX intellisense 
 all cube dimensions, hierarchies, levels available inside intellisense
- for cube elements intellisense windows linked in natural order
  after selection of dimension inside dimension window and pressing
  "." (dot) hierarchies window will appear
- all cube measures available inside intellisense
- all set  functions (CrossJoin, Union, Extract, Stdev ...) available
- all functions (.Members, .PrevMember, .Firstchilde ...) available
   available with aditional features
                - FROM will insert cube name as well
                    FROM [Sales]

   available with aditional features
                - WITH MEMBER will insert WITH & MEMBER snippet

Intellisense is automatically started while you type whenever appropriate.

ESC - close intellisense window

"." (dot) activates MDX functions (.Member, .Item ...)

chars A-Z when appropriate activates MDX functions intellisense
                (CrossJoin, TopCount ...)

ENTER or TAB - selects element from listview window

Note - Intellisense will not be activated while carret is inside square brackets
no intellisense zone]

 Bracket counter
  Select part of MDX, press F3 to count brackets [], {}, ()
  Counter will notify you about result

 Inserts function over sselected MDX part
                  - select part of MDX with mouse,
                  - press F4,
                  - on dialog select function, measure,  conditions,
                  - additional filters inside function, 
                  - select Accept

 Run query (does not run part of MDX) 

 Select part of the MDX or one or more members and 
  press F7 to see captions inside tooltip (click on tooltip to close it)
  note* - displays first 20 members

 like F7, displays last 20 members

"Ctrl" + "1" 
 force intellisense window for MDX (set) functions (crossjoin, union, ...) 

"Ctrl" + "2" 
 force intellisense window for MDX functions (.Members, .FirstChilde, ...)

"Ctrl" + "3" 
 force intellisense window for cube Dimensions

"Ctrl" + "4" 
 force intellisense window for cube Measures

Do not forget

Syntax checker (checks syntax while typing, even in case of showing errors,
                          allows to run MDX command)
Split window
(rught click and select from menu)
Comment/Uncomment (right click and select from menu)
Folding (groups WITH, SELECT, AXIS 0, AXIS 1, FROM, WHERE)
MDX Structure (right click and select from menu) - formats MDX like:

[Time].[hYear].[2002 M 6_2002 M 9]
        [Time].[hYear].[Month].&[1556] : [Time].[hYear].[Month].&[1559]

    [Time].[hYear].[2002 M 6_2002 M 9]
    [Customer].[hCountry].[State Province].MEMBERS

 Create Local Elements (members, inner queries, sets, named sets)
 - select MDX part with mouse, right click and select option from menu
 - those elements can used later inside CubePlayer designer or query tables
   or shared with other collegues

Tree View - with find, properties, insesrt with functions capabilities
... and much more



- Operator NOT added for function FILTER 
   from now on, you can directly in designer select entire level and remove
   members that you do 
not see within a second
   just select
                 - Filter function,
                 - operator NOT 
                 - and one or more memebers from the same or 
                   different dimensions that will be excluded


- Allowed usage of other users ControlPanels in read only mode

- If Control Panel is not yours, it will be in Read Only mode.
  Read only mode can be recognized by RED ball on icon near Control Panel title. 
  GREEN ball means panel is in ReadWrite mode.

- Added support for COntrol Panels in Master Catalaog
  select Master Catalog from Tool -Configuration-Master Catalog location
  select Create button to update your Master Catalog
  now you can add Control Panels to Master Catalog

- Added support to add Reporting Services Reports RDL to Control Panel
  just drag-n-drop from RSS Explorer tree view


- LocaleID support F12
  Press F12 to configure LocaleID if you want to use translated cubes.
  At this moment LocaleID ahs to be entered in form of DECIMAL NUMBERS
  for exmple
                   US               1033
                   French         1036


- Implemented Disconnect All (right click with mouse and select from menu)


Version 2008.0721


Dimension function notification 
 each element(s) in R/C/F that belongs to same dimension are colorized in 
  same color

Dimension Functions  
 for dimension functions, near each element  there is new notification when 
  function is applied
Elements ordering 
 inside R/C/F drag-n-drop elements vertically to reorder them
Member Properties     
 in MP explorer MPs are grouped by dimension
 to see element properties in R/C/F double-click element
ToolTips Cube Explorer
 removed, right click and select Properties from menu to see properties
Edit MDX 
 MDX can be edited without running query
Multiple member
 allowed adding same member twice to the axis

R/C/F - Row/Column/Filter area


 Select part of the MDX or one or more members and 
  press F7 to see captions inside tooltip (click on tooltip to close it)
note* - displays first 20 members

       (this enhancement expects more improvements)

 like F7, displays last 20 members

Insert level with function
- when selecting from tree vies and adding some functions,
  instead of Copy/Paste after creating syntax will be inserted
  at the place where cursor was


Save AS 
 QAT and Application button, with one click save each query as
                  - Static Report (CubePlayer format)
                  - MS Excel format
                  - MS Reporting Server RDF format
                  - Multidimensional Expression MDX 
(directly exports to MS Analysis MDX file format)


New Result table Parameters Notification 
- Inside Dashboard and Query form selected parameters
  will be displayed at the top of the form
  Pressing button with parameters name will display Select Parameters
  Dialog to replace parameter

New OLAP Select Parameters Dialog 
displays captions instead member or level unique names 
Enhanced Parameters Options 
- new options available:
                    - Single or Multiple replacement
                    - Display Name, overrides captions
                    - Hidden Parameters - helps replace 
                      captions inside calculated members
                      should be linked to existing parameter 
Execution inside same tab 
- new options available  ( .PX queries will not be generated)
Refresh icon 
- runs parameter dialog with current parameter  values inside same tab
Workspace MoveUp, MoveDown 
- right-click menu with options MoveUp and MoveDown
  helps arrange parameters order


Support for cell borders style 
- also added support for printing cell borders
Redefined table formatting      
- on tree view when root node is selected, changes applied to all nodes
Adding Dimensions  
- when adding dimension to result table dialog will appear asking
  whether to add dimension before/after or above/bellow present dimension
- when more then one dimension is present and we add
  third dimension when selecting leftmost/topmost 
  dimension will be added before/above dimensions,
  selecting rightmost/bottom dimension will be added after/bellow dimensions


Enhanced export to RSS (formats, styles, etc.)


Fixed problem with get children on tree view
Fixed problem with displaying member properties on result table
Fixed problem with saving document generated directly from editor


Version 2008.0306


D-n-D - Added support for D-n-D from Outlook express. 
    D-n-D from outside or inside CubePlayer at the ribbon to Run
    D-n-D from outside or inside CubePlayer to the Editor to Edited.


Recovery workspace - Enhenced.


F5 - Added support for F5 to run query.


Added support for local project help - Runs Local Project Help with F9.
CubePlayer will create new folder

       ... \My Documents\SoftPro.CubePlayer.Client\Documentation

There you should manually paste your local project help to help your users using particular features of your BI Projects. Any file format will be opened. If you have more help files, on F9 list will be dispalyed to the user for selection.


Editor DnD - removed two additional blanks during D-n-D. 

Version 2008.0227


Replace Dimension - Selected member will be moved to filter axis and new dimension will be added

Add Member Properties as measure - If exist for dimension at the table, can be added as measure after receiving cellset

Set Functions - To any Set Function dialog added support to load local calculated members inside function tuple


Layout and Documents - Obsolete objects. Any preserved Layout or Document in Dynamic Document or Workspace will be executed as Dashboard. Furthermore from now, dashboards can be added to Dynamic Document Generator and be packed together with queries inside Dynamic document.


Recovery workspace - In case of unexpected shutdown, during next startup CubePlayer will create Recovery Workspace containing Designers and Queries that were inside workspace before unexpected shutdown.


Add level or member - On right click, inside tree view, during attempt to add member or level user can select additional functions to be added like NextMember, PreviousMember, Children, Descendants, or set functions like TopCount, BottomCount, Filter etc

Find member - Find member dialog added to tree view selector inside Edito


Added support for web help


Adding Filter 2005 - Corrected 

Version 2008.0118


Replace Dimension - Selected member will be moved to filter axis and new dimension will be added


Load Designer with Filter Function - Fixed wrong interpretation of Filter function argument, while loading designer from file

version 2007.1227


Improved levels and memebers handling


New printing controls

CubePlayer exe 

Smaller code (reduced for 25%)

version 2007.1030 and 2007.1031


Support for tuples - While adding MDX functions with one or two clicks, user can additionally define tuples instead of measure only
TopCount (Set, 100, (StoreSales, Food, Mexico)) 


 Find and select multiple members - added find and replace multiple members

version 2007.1024


Double click on member - Instead of DrillDowm Member user will get menu with options:

DD Level(+) - DD Level and retain selected member at the table
DD Level(-) - DD Level and REMOVE selected member from the table


Three new analysis added (test phase), ABC+ on the table, Range Analysis, Distribution Analysis

version 2007.1003


Double click on member - Instead of DrillDowm Member user will get menu with options:

DD Member(+) - DD Member and retain selected member at the table
DD Member(-) - DD Member and REMOVE selected member from the table

DD Set(+) - DD Set and retain selected member at the table
DD Set(-) - DD Set and REMOVE selected member from the table

Memebr properties - if members have defined member properties, it can be used without defined inside MDX


MDX folding - enabled folding in editor

version 2007.0926


Inner Query - create and use inner queries in designer and share objects in editor or use inner query created in editor


Syntax checker - automatically checks MDX syntax
Inner Query      - create and use inner query, use inner query created in designer

version 2007.0906


Redo-Undo feature- redo-undo feautre is implemented inside designer


Split window
splits window and displays same MDX
allows users to automaticaly comments and uncomments parts of MDX
MDX structure
makes hierarhical view of MDX command
Function - mark text and select MDX function to wrapp selected part of command
Format - automaticaly inserts MDX format string
WITH - member or set sintax
Create local calculated elements
select part of MDX and create local named set, set or member and
save it for future use in designer or editor 
Font settings
will be preserved
Blue line
marks represents row where cursor is
Element properties
inside cube explorer element (member, level, measure ...) properties available
MDX Functions
alphabetical order Save directly saves MDX as Dynamic Document


Delete all
deletes all queries inside one any query folder
Delete closed
deletes all closed queries from workspace inside selected query folder
Copy parameters
from query to query inside or panel to panel (dashboard)


Data labels
for any graph (will be saved with object)


available for queries on mouse right click, closes window and deletes object from workspace

FIND (designer and add dimension)

First X
added option to find first X member from selected level


ShowMe Analysis
show me customers that are buying product A and B together but not product C

HowMany Analysis
how many of my customers are buying more the 15 products from my basket (top 50 products) 

Both analysis are aplicable on any result set.

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