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How Many Analysis

Another special analysis available on any result table. It helps users to count how many time occures relation between row axis elements and column axis elements.

For example:

You want to know how many of your customers are buying more then 30 products from your basket that contains Top 50 products, and (to make it little bit more interesting) they are spending more then  50.000$ on each product.

Another words, how many members from rows (imagine your customers in rows) have relations with more then 30 members from columns (imagine you have your product basket there) under conditions that Store Sales is higher then 50.000$ for each product.

That is only one of many examples.

How Many 1.JPG

Here you can set condition that you are looking for those who are buying more or equal to 30 products.

How Many 2.JPG

And in next step you set condition that value, you like, is more then 50.000$.


How Many?
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