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Latest update for CubePlayer

To update your version of CubePlayer there is no need to reinstall application.


  1. Select link Download - Last Update below,
  2. Select 'Save' in download dialog  to save file to your local disk,
  3. Extract the contents of compressed file,
  4. Select all folders and files, copy them ,
  5. Navigate to the application root folder (default is C:\Program Files\SoftPro Software\CubePlayer 2.0)
  6. Paste content to the folder CubePlayer 2.0 (when prompted select 'Yes to All' to overwrite the existing files).

Upgrade to CubePlayer 2.7 Mamba version is shipped inside CubePlayer update package. To use features of 2.7 Mamba new license is required. For upgrade price go to our Price list page.



If you can not see DOWNLOAD LATES UPDATE box with update link, please got to login at the top of page and enter your Maintenace login name and password. If you do not have Maintenance login name and password contact Oreus d.o.o for Maintenance Quotation.

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