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Business Intelligence Solutions

The trend of using different BI systems is rapidly growing worldwide. Many large and mid-size companies took this direction either because their existing reporting platforms are not good enough, or they simply want something more. You should ask for more too.

SoftPro Tetral is the leading Croatian provider of business intelligence solutions, and we are proud of the fact that we have implemented the first data-warehouse solution in Croatia based on Microsoft OLAP server in one of the largest croatian companies. Our professional consulting services and unique software solution based on prestigious business analyzer, SoftPro Manager, in combination with latest Microsoft technologies empower you in implementing customized, scalable solutions for Business Intelligence.


OLAP technologies are increasingly popular complement in information systems for middle and large companies. Applying them, the order and consistence is maintained for all complex analysis and reporting at specific levels or the business system in general. It’s proper use and implementation symbolizes the key in success of every data-warehouse solution.

Data-Warehouse - A Strategic Decision

Building a data-warehouse system is the most important strategic decision which company can make regarding the IT support and at the same time the simultaneous utilization of a wide set of technologies, certain experience, understanding and mutual trust between the investor and a consultant.

Major advantages of OLAP technologies
  • Systematization and compliance with various forms of data within a company
  • Fast real-time execution of complex analytic summarized data which cannot be done by any other mean
  • Saves time and human resources that have to prepare those complex reports
  • Ability to tweak the data in analytical databases to fulfill the specific needs to a company
  • Low TCO
  • Fast ROI
  • Ability to see the connections and dependencies between particular business processes and/or business functions
  • Exact view in all trends of business under all segments of business system

Studies show that in next 5-7 years an equal deployment of regular relational and data-warehouse systems can be expected in majority of middle and large companies.

InstantReports and InstantBI Solutions

InstantReports and InstantBI Solutions are a complete turnkey solutions that delivers initial OLAP analytical environment with an exceptionaly fast return of investment.

Start a more succesful bussines today!

InstantReports and InstantBI Solutions are targeted to all companies that want to improve their business, but require the shortest possible implementation time! Do you believe that it might be too risky to start a long project with first predictable results available after 6, 9, 12 or even more months? Are you afraid that it might be more demanding than you can handle, but you are still hungry for success? If so, we really understand your position and therefore bring a suitable kind of solution– InstantReports and InstantBI!

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