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Start a more succesfull business today!

Existing data stored in company databases is a gold mine of hidden information for your company. Let US explore it, dig it, clean it, store it and make it available for you - all YOU have to do is USE it.

Instant OLAP is turn key solution that can be delivered in two versions:

  • InstantReports
  • InstantBI

InstantReports is a complete turnkey solution that delivers initial OLAP analytical environment (Microsoft Analysis Services Server and softPro CubePlayer) with an exceptionaly fast return of investment.

InstandBI is extended InstantReports solution.

Who should benefit most from InstantReports?

InstantReports is targeted to all companies that want to improve their business, but require the shortest possible implementation time! Do you believe that it might be too risky to start a long project with first predictable results available after 6, 9, 12 or even more months? Are you afraid that it might be more demanding than you can handle, but you are still hungry for success? If so, we really understand your position and therefore bring a suitable kind of solution– InstantReports!

What do we get with InstantReports solution?

The original data from your existing production platform are transformed into special data structures called OLAP cubes, specifically suited for further analyses. And you can perform this analysis using a single, highly specialized application.

Our InstantReports solution includes up to three (3) analytical cubes (Sales, Purchase and Finance). As a data-analisys client, we deliver our worldwide recognized BI application SoftPro CubePlayer. Up to three Enterprise Edition licenses are included in the package!

But that is not all! Throw in the introductory up to two days end-users eduction for analytical capabilities and you get an excellent starting point for further individual improvements.

Up to 10 predefined reports will replace some of the reports that now take too much time to execute. The ability to dynamically change parameters will increase the functionality of this solution to an even higher level.

We even included up to 3 months of technical support and maintenance free of charge because we want to ensure that your end-users get the required help and assistance when they need it most.


The price of InstantReports solution is an amount that any company can return within just a month or two. How? Analytical system from this special offer makes a real and substantial difference compared to what you might have been using today. It instantly reveals valuable information that point to opportunities for improving your business. All you have to do is use them.

Are you ready?

The trend of using different BI systems is rapidly growing worldwide. Many large and mid-size companies took this direction either because their existing reporting platforms are not good enough, or they simply want something more. You should ask for more too. Call us and find out about InstantReports solution because this is your chance to start a more succesful bussines today.

What's in the box?

Analytical cubes (OLAP)               Sales, Purchease, 
                                                Finance, Warehouse
Analytical tool                            CubePlayer - up to 3 licence
Education                                   up to 3 days -  4 hours per day
Reports                                      up to 10 from the list of 
                                                predefined reports

Maintenance contract is mandatory for period of 24 months.


instant olap
Customer testimonial

InstantBI in Renoprom

Renoprom is a company that keeps up with the global market trends. In the last couple of years we have made several major steps: gained financial resources from an investor fund, opened the first mega store of technical and electronic goods, merged two companies into one for better market presence, etc.
Aware of the fact that our business growth must be adequately supported by our IT system and that there is no ERP solution that will satisfy needs of managers we have decided to implement InstantBI  solution from SoftPro Tetral.
It is complete BI system based on MS OLAP 2000 and CubePlayer as analytical application.
Today almost any salesman is using CubePlayer and our IT department is taking care about hardware and operating system, rather then creating endless reports used once.

This way we optimized our warehouse and improved sales. We are using InstantBI as based system for all our reports, regardless it is from financial department or sales or warehouse.
Having report right at the time is extremely important and that is what we have now.
Our sales and financial people are educated to do sales and finance business and not to think how to "program" reports. With InstantBI they are doing what they are educated for.

Miro Petravić CEO

Renoprom & TechnoMax


BI and CubePlayer in Magma d.d.

Magma d.d. covered the need for business analyses by using several hundreds of reports prepared with Crystal Reports and edited in Excel when necessary. Source for the existing reporting system is a specially prepared database structure (“staging”) comprising most of the transactional system data of central warehouses and Magma’s own stores all around Croatia and abroad.
Our problem was that we did not uphold reports on the upper (top management) level only. On the contrary, reports are being used on lower levels too - in places where “small, routine decisions” occur.
Due to very high fluctuation of employees, constant needs for reports (any kind) that overloaded our IT personnel along with our wish to educate our employees in terms of business analysis, we have decided to implement Microsoft Analysis Server 2005, Reporting Server and SoftPro CubePlayer as analysis/reporting tool.
Combination of excellent performance of MS AS 2005, SoftPro CubePlayer and support from SoftPro Tetral helped us to achieve our goals.
First of all due to very simple user interface in CubePlayer that allows users to use almost all features of MS AS 2005 our employees become able to analyze our business without support of company IT.
SoftPro educational program together with their trained personnel pushed them to higher level of understanding business.
Incredible responsiveness to our request and SoftPro Update strategy, where all new features are immediately (after testing) available to all users, together with their readiness to adapt application features to our needs assure us that we made a right decision.
With the introduction of the SoftPro CubePlayer we still run the same business. The difference now is: we run it better.

Igor Ohlhofer
IT Manager
Magma d.d.

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