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Medika d.d.

From the production data to the decision-support system

medika logoCompany
Medika d.d.

Customer Profile
Croatia largest medical distributor with regional business centers in Rijeka, Split and Zagreb (headquarter)

Beside the production system for sales and purchasing processes, runnning on SAP, Medika actively used its reporting subsystem which provided end users with data in form of reports, as a support for control of business processes and actions. In order to provide end users with crucial data and information as quickly as possible, Medika d.d. decided to implement a Data Warehouse system based on Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Implementation also included Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services for data analysis purpose as well as SoftPro CubePlayer 2.0 application as an end-user platform.

Magma d.d.

Efficiency with future in mind as a concept of effectiveness

Magma logoCompany
Magma d.d.

Customer Profile
Croatia leading representative and distributor of prestigious trademarks with assortment of over 188.000 items in fashion, toys, sport equipment and delicacy, distributed over national chain of more than 130 stores, over 1.500 employees, as well as wholesale regional business centers in five countries.

The initiative consisted of two types of changes in business perspective. Solving existing problems was definitely the main target, although not the only one. The second, even more important one, within a long-term perspective, was implementation of basis for a new technology that is going to be used in a much broader context. Setting up this basis was a prerequisite for all future improvements of analytical system (BSC, CRM & KPI).

Getro d.d.

Strategic sales data management

Getro logoCompany
Getro d.d.

Customer Profile
Cash & carry market chain

Demand for strategic decision-making has made the owners and management of market chain Getro to implement a data-warehouse system, which is developed as a complement to a present production system based on Oracle database and other tools. Within four months SoftPro Tetral, together with the investor, has implemented such solution based on Microsoft® OLAP Server™ and its own client for Microsoft®OLAP Server Manager 2000.

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