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Predefined Result Table Views
There are also several predefined result table views:
  • Sums Both   -    displays sums for ruws and columns
  • Sums Bottom - displays sums for columns only
  • Sums Right - displays sums for rows only
  • Percent in set - displays percentage contribution of each cell comparing to sum of all cells (for one measure)
  • Percent in series - displays percentage contribution of each cell within a series (one serie is where measures are defiend, if in columns then one serie is column)
  • Rank - display rank view for one each serie
  • Min-Max - displays minimum and maximum value for each series
  • Difference - displays difference according to previous table value that bellongs to same measure (difference is represented in percentages)
  • Average -    displays average value for each row and column as well as for entire set
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