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OLAP parameters

Turn one of your reports to multiple reports

MDX is powerful language, but if you want to make it more powerful, to turn each of yours OLAP reports to multiple reports then you should try our OLAP parameters.

CubePlayer supports OLAP Parameters. In fact we support them since year 2000 and SoftPro Manager 2000 that was Microsoft Data Warehouse platinum member.

Parameters can be defined on any table even on the dashboard. On the dashboard if you like you can link parameters, therefore one set of parameters will be available for any number of panels inside dashboard.

Parameters resolution engine supports parameter definition on dimension, hierarchy, level, member, member properties, strings, MDX functions, measures, user defined lists, MDX executable lists …



For each parameter you have multiple choice ...

Final result will be change inside all dashboard panels (or how you have define) ...


Dashboard with linked parameters
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