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How to compare more than one result at once? How to see a big picture of your business on one screen?

It is very easy - use dashboards, with OLAP parameters off course.


To create a dashboard all you need is imagination how it will look like. Mouse and icons will be your only tool. When creative part of job is done, drag your queries and drop them inside dashboard panels.

A minute away from power

Interested in difference or commons between panels?

You can see it here!


Easy to create (less then a minute) multy window multy query form that supports any number of MDX queries from different cubes, databases and servers including local cubes;

Result form is table or graph;


  • OLAP parameters per panel
  • OLAP parameters per dashboard
  • copy&paste members from one panel to another panel
  • copy&paste panels
  • join panels (Union)
  • find difference between panels (Except)
  • find common members between panels (Intersect)

Each panel supports all available table and graph operations:

  • drills (up, down trough), multiple drills
  • exceptions (hot-spot analysis)
  • isolate member or group
  • isolate best N or worst N members within column
  • isolate best N% or worst N% of members contribution within column
  • order by hierarchy
  • order ba alphabet 
  • isolate members bigger or lower then cell value   
  • add-remove members
  • add-remove dimensions
  • add-remove filter
  • add calculated measures directly at the result table
  • order by hierarchy or breaking hierarchy
  • hierarchize
  • Functions over Axis or Dimensions (Top ... , Bottom ..., Filters, Head, Tail)  
  • subtotals, sorting, sums, ranks, percentages in set and series, differences, averages
  • ability to display one measure or all measures at the graph
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