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Single Query Result Form

Analyze your result set as you like

Result form is table or graph, or table and graph (synchronized);

Supports OLAP parameters

Each query supports all available table and graph operations:

  • drills (up, down through), multiple drills
  • exceptions (hot-spot analysis)
  • isolate member or group
  • add-remove members
  • add-remove dimensions
  • add-remove filter
  • add calculated measures directly at the result table
  • push member to filter and replace dimension with another dimension 
  • best N or worst N members within column
  • best N% or worst N% of members contribution within column
  • isolate members bigger or lower then cell value
  • order by hierarchy or breaking hierarchy
  • hierarchize
  • Functions over Axis or Dimensions (Top ... , Bottom ..., Filters, Head, Tail) 
  • subtotals, sorting, sums, ranks, percentages in set and series, differences, averages
  • ability to display one measure or all measures at the graph
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