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SoftPro Manager
SoftPro Manager - Free MS OLAP Client

Member of the prestigious Microsoft Data Warehousing aliance, "Packaged Application of the Year" and "Business Intelligence Solution of the Year" Microsoft Certified Partner Award Finalist, SoftPro Manager allows managers to analyze their business using their business knowledge. Yet, with its powerful integrated business analysis, SoftPro Manager goes beyond the ordinary OLAP client and truly stands out from the croud as a "one of a kind" OLAP client. When others stop - Manager begins.

SoftPro Manager

When others stop - SoftPro Manager begins

SoftPro Manager 4.0 is the latest version of the advanced OLAP querying tool that combines OLAP functionality with the specialized, high-end analytical capabilities and support for standard database reporting.

SoftPro Manager 4 is "one of the kind" OLAP (On Line Analytic Processing) application that allows managers to analyze their business using their business knowledge without learning any programming and any program languages.

In fact Manager 4 is far more than usual OLAP client. It is powerful Business Analyzer.

Manager 4 includes MDX designer, MDX editor, Forcast Analysis, Rank Analysis, TopBottom Analysis, Dissipation Analysis and much, much more.

SoftPro Tetral gives unlimited license of SoftPro Manager 4 Enterprise Edition for free.Download Manager 4. Full name, company details and valid e-mail address required.



Microsoft Data Warehousing Alliance

Microsoft DWA Certified Member LogoSoftPro Manager 4.0 is a result of a 5 year extensive development and experience. It’s membership in the prestigious Microsoft Data-warehouse Alliance shows our commitment to providing software for worldwide deployment according to the highest industry standards. It is a true "value-for-money" product, with significantly lower pricing than competition.

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